About us

Career Guidance is the first and the most important decision in the professional journey of an individual. When we talk of Livelihood – Skill development journey begins with the first step of Career Assessment.

Our organisation has by now extended Career Guidance to more than 2,00000 youth in India through online as well as off line interventions. We have three decades of experience in offering scientific career guidance to youth in India.

Additionally we do conduct training sessions for students/ parent / teachers on various subjects like Effective Study Habits, Thoughtful Parenting, Emotionally Intelligent Teacher etc.

Career Guidance Services

We help students take the right career decisions based on psychometric assessments.

We suggest the best Subject for students at Class 9th/ 10th standards and the best Career for students at Class 11th/ 12th standards. We also support students in identifying the best Engineering Branch.

Assessments available in English, Hindi*, Chhattisgarhi* and Marathi* language.


Strive to become a relevant interface between the industry, institutions, government and eligible youth in the country with an objective to enhance employability.


Organize employability enhancement interventions/modules on skill development, corporate trainings, knowledge sharing workshops, career guidance & counseling all across the country.


Ethical Standards , Relationships , Smart Work , A Resolute Spirit